Still spinning like crazy😁

I joined a Tour de Fleece team that runs in conjunction with the Tour de France in July and spun everyday of it.  I am amazed at how enjoyable it was.  My plan was always to start spinning once I retire.  I bought my Lendrum Original DT way back in 2005 and just goofed around on it, folded it up and tucked it in its bag and there it as sat.  Over the years I have given thought to selling it but I never did.  Now I am glad I didn't.   Now the plans are to learn to spin decent sock yarn to use on the Canadian Auto Knitter csm.

I looked through my plastic tote of fiber and found more than I thought I had - no surprise there!  LOL  I had a number of balls of unmeasured blends of wool, alpaca, angora, and llama that I had bought years ago, probably 2005 as well, to locker hook some rugs which I never did.  I pulled it all out for the Tour de Fleece and spun it up.
The plan is to use the yarn I spun to weave a throw.  I will probably have to use something along with it, either for warp …

The Ups and Down of Playing with Fiber

The last 10 days or so have been just a rollercoaster of success and fails while playing with yarn and fiber.

First of all, I decided to try pickup on the mini Wave.  I took a pattern from Around the Baltic Sea, Notebook #4, Lithuania 2 by Hilegund Hergenhan.  I have a number of her bandweaving pattern books and they are a delight.  I can so appreciated all of the time and effort she put into these publications and find them to be a real treasure trove of Baltic band designs.

So I broke out my graph paper and colored pencils and modified one of the designs.  I found the Singer 301 cardtable a great place to sit and design:-)

I wound the warp and dressed the loom and tried to weave.  There were little warning bells🔔 going off in the back of my mind as I threaded, but I ignored it.  I start to weave and realize that I did not wind enough background threads - grrrrr!  Another warp trashed.  I recalculated how many ends were needed, wound, dressed, and started weaving.  Great, the patter…

Bone-headed move led me back to my wheel

Last night I finished weaving another linen band on the mini Wave.

So today I designed a new warp for the mini Wave.  I have had the urge to do some pickup and I want to see how this loom will handle it.  I modified a draft from Hidegund Hergenhan's 4th notebook Around the Baltic Sea, Lithuania 2.  I actually broke out the graph paper and colored pencils.  I am still weaving linen bands, they have all been woven is shades of greens, oranges, tans, along with black and brown.

The card table for the Singer 301 was perfect for graphing this out since my band basket was sitting.  So I have the warp dressed on the loom, go to start weaving, and figured out that I did not wind enough background ends.  Yeesh, it was like I had never woven before.  Now I have this long, pretty warp on the loom that will not do what I want it to do.  I needed to walk away and think about this.

I went up to the loft, pulled out my Lendrum DT spinning wheel and started spinning.  It has been a long time sinc…
Tonight I totally trashed the warp on the mini Wave.  I tried to outsmart myself and that never works.  I had a 2 ends dangling that were missed while winding the warp and I thought I could just wind all the warp forward, attach the 2 missed ends, and wind it back on.  Very wrong!  The tension and length of warp ends is all messed up.  I am afraid this one is for the trash can.

I set that mess aside, and went back to weaving of the floor inkle loom.  This one is not giving me any grief so far.

This is a band of dark and lights of each of the colors I have been using.  I really love this Bockens 16/2 linen.

The start....

This is a travel journal of my wanderings in the tunnels of the rabbit-holes that I keep falling down.  Hopefully there will be some interesting twist and turns as I go.

I am hooked on fiber:  I weave in a variety of ways and have the equipment to do so.  I am now weaving yardage for sewing my own clothing on vintage Singer sewing machines.  Somehow I slipped down the quilting rabbit-hole as well which actually came from picking up a number of vintage Singer sewing machines.  I really love those old black beauties😀  I also enjoy different styles of braiding and have some really cool equipment for that.  Oh and there is a spinning wheel and a few spindles as well.

For going through all the hassles of being treated for breast cancer, I bought myself a kayak.  I have been using the "I survived cancer" justification for the purchase of a lot of toys.  That and preparing for retirement.  This is the time to get what I need to play with in the future.  So with that in mind, I pic…